Ram 3500 vs Ford F-350


The Battle of the Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

When it comes to grade-A pickup trucks, no one beats a Ram. When it comes to the strongest, heavy-duty Ram available, there's only one Ram 3500, available here at Layton Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Available in a range of bed lengths, cab styles, and trim choices, the Ram 3500 is a heavy-duty workhorse with tremendous levels of luxury and craftsmanship throughout. Plus, it's an indomitable force when it comes to hauling heavy cargo in the bed or towing strenuous loads.

The Ram 3500 vs. the Ford F-350

At Layton Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we are committed to helping our customers find the best trucks for their money, and we want to make everyone's decision-making process easier. That's why we've researched our favorite Ram heavy duty hauler against the competition, so that you can see there really is no competition when it comes time for you to buy your next truck.

Towing. The Ram 3500 is unstoppable when it comes to towing, with a maximum capacity of more than 31,000 pounds. The Ford F-350, meanwhile, has multiple options with regards to how you can set it up for towing, but the truck's top trim level (without special, added configurations) can still only handle around 18,000 pounds.

Suspension. The Ram offers an even and luxurious ride that is unmatched in the pickup truck genre. Empty or full, the Ram is a nice ride for both passengers and drivers. But, when you're hauling and towing your heavy loads in the Ram 3500, you still want your truck to drive smoothly and evenly. The Ram 3500 manages to keep things smooth thanks to its signature spring-coil rear suspension and optional rear air suspension with automatic load-leveling.

Economics. Despite all the many ways in which the Ram 3500 dominates the competition, it is still the more budget-friendly truck available. In fact, from the base trim all the way up to the top trim, the Ram 3500 price is easier on your budget than the competition.

Shopping for the Superior Ram 3500 in Person

If you want to see the Ram 3500 in person and judge for yourself what makes it a better option for your car-buying dollars, stop by and visit Layton Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Layton. We have a huge inventory of this amazing truck on hand to show you and our sales team is here Monday through Saturday.